SWITCHING TO US IS EASY – If you wish to switch accountants, then our switch over service has been created to make switching accountants as easy as possible. Grace Bellairs will deal with the switch so you don’t have to.

If you have read about our services and are unhappy with the current service provided by your accountant then read on.


You are completely within your rights to change accountants whenever you want, but if you are at all worried about the timing of this process, discuss it with us and we can advise you as to when would be the best time to switch.


Come and speak to us to find out exactly how we can help.

Once you confirm you are happy to proceed all you need to do is inform your current accountant that you would like to change and give them permission to release all your information and documentation to us.

This is nothing to worry about, most accountants are used to clients outgrowing them eventually or finding another firm that suits their requirements better, their reasons can be as simple as they have found someone more local!

All that’s left to do now is to inform us that your current accountant has been notified and we will do the rest!

We write to your previous accountant directly requesting all the information we need, there is no need for you to give us any information on previous years as it is all taken care of in house. This is a standard procedure amongst us accountants known as professional clearance.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the services offered by us here at Grace Bellairs Accountants in Kent, then please don’t feel that switching accountants is a complicated process – we take care of nearly all aspects of the switching process for you.

To talk to us about the possibility or process of switching from your current accountants, please contact us on 020 3620 5598 or via email at daniel.grace@gracebellairs.co.uk.

Call 020 3620 5598

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Your business is personal to you, we understand that. At Grace Bellairs we treat our clients the same way, with a personal touch.#accountant

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